International InSecurity

Just my thoughts on different issues within International Security. I do not claim to be an expert on anything and am open to criticism, suggestions, and submissions relating to International security, peace, conflict, and all the wonderful issues that International Relations addresses.

This blog is my chance to explore both the realist and the liberal sides of my brain through analysis of current and past events, policy suggestions, and acknowledgment of how these issues impact me as a young American-born African woman.


Some of the lessons we had during camp.

Others included: Life Tree (values and goals), Immune System education, Finger Painting Stories, Letter to Self, Decision Making, etc.

Also everyday after lunch, we had an hour of “camper time” where the campers got to choose from a variety of activities such as, volleyball, coloring, frisbee, origami, soccer, water color painting, friendship bracelet making (super popular with all campers), and taekwondo. 

Check out our daily schedule for all the lessons and activities we did.

Because gender equality is and will always be an international security issue! 

(via peacecorps)

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